Uncommon number of suspensions in preseason

So what’s up with all the player suspensions the last two weeks? There have been more suspensions than I can remember in perhaps the last two years, and the season hasn’t even started yet (!!)

Purdue kept this one on the low: point guard April Wilson was suspended for today’s exhibition game. Was it for a “violation of team rules”? I don’t get the secrecy.


Team/coach news:

It’s a changing of the guards at Duke.

Pepperdine season outlook. (You know that Nneka and Chiney Ogwumike’s little sister Olivia is a Wave, don’t you??)

Chelsea Dermyer has been promoted to associate head coach at FGCU.

Assistant coach Ivory Latta relishes her role on North Carolina’s staff.

Player news:

Stony Brook senior Jessica Ogunnarin has a fighting spirit both on and off the court.

Ole Miss senior Tia Faleru credits basketball for shaping the person she is today.

Texas Tech senior Kelsi Baker rehabs to play once again.

Pro news:

Here’s where WNBA players are this winter.


I’m excited to know of one photographer’s photo essay on New York City street ballers. I like his answer here, but the question is messed up:

SLAM: What did you learn from the women that were there, or was there anything that really struck you while watching and photographing them?

RN: There’s a lot of things. I really felt like they played the game the right way. They played with pride. They played hard. They competed against each other. But at the end of every game, they shook hands. There was obviously some sisterhood amongst the girls who play. The thing that I would say I learned from it is if you are doing something you love and enjoy, there are other people out there who love it and enjoy it too. These ladies obviously love basketball. Some of them—I overheard conversations of coming all the way from Brooklyn—made a significant effort to get there and come and play. You would not think there’d be a huge group of women streetball basketball players, but they found each other. I think that’s pretty cool…whatever your little niche is, there’s probably other people out there that are into it. We’ve all got our family, so to speak.

Apparently, we need more Becky Hammons.