Cut day

So may cuts made today:

Team Player Transaction

Atlanta Samantha Prahalis Waived
Atlanta Jhasmin Player Waived
Atlanta Cassie Harberts Waived
Chicago Avery Warley Waived
Connecticut Kalana Greene Waived
Indiana Haiden Palmer Waived
Indiana Ziomara Morrison Waived
Indiana Jeterra Bonds Waived
Los Angeles Brittainey Raven Waived
Los Angeles Alicia DeVaughn Waived
Los Angeles Alyssia Brewer Waived
New York Meighan Simmons Waived
Phoenix April Sykes Waived
Phoenix Alexis Gray-Lawson Waived
Phoenix Maggie Lucas Traded to Indiana for Indiana’s own 2015 2nd-round draft pick
San Antonio Bri Kulas Waived
San Antonio Carolyn Davis Waived
Seattle Jasmine Lister Waived
Tulsa Nicole Powell Waived

Painful list. And more are on the way.

I wish there were at least two more WNBA teams to accommodate all the fine players being cut.