Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers get taken for granted at times, and WNBA players who happen to be moms are no exception.

The number of athletes who have had babies and bounced back to continue their pro careers is worth noting. There is Yolanda Griffith, whose grown daughter Alicia DeVaughn is now in training camp for the Sparks. There’s Tina Thompson, Sheryl Swoopes, Helen Darling (triplets), DeMya Walker, and many more.

Current league MVP Candace Parker’s daughter turns five years old on Tuesday. She has literally grown up right before the eyes of fans and media. Yesterday she walked in to the game and right past the bench where her mother sat, and I couldn’t believe how much she’d grown since I’d seen her last September. Parker talks about being a playing mom in this interview.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ballin’ moms.