Diamond DeShields’ mother speaks about daughter’s transfer

Diamond DeShields’ mother talks about her daughter’s reasons for transferring from North Carolina:

“Diamond just needs different things. And sometimes you have to allow yourself to get in that environment to see if your needs are going to be fully met,” Tisha said. “We’re all changing and growing and changing our minds. Sometimes I feel like people can be a little unfair trying to hold an 18-year-old to a standard that they themselves don’t live by. She’s still growing and this is just part of her maturation process.

“She did her best and she stuck it out and she gave it everything she had in hopes that things would work together, so she can honestly say ‘I gave it the best I had, and it’s still not going to work for me.’”

DeShields said she won’t talk to other schools until she finishes classes at UNC.