Many changes in this week’s AP top 25 poll

This week’s AP top 25 poll has so many changes. Iowa State and Florida State drop out, while Nebraska and Michigan State check in. Duke falls to five after being routed by Notre Dame, and Stanford and Louisville move up. So do Tennessee, Arizona State, North Carolina State, West Virginia, Gonzaga and Middle Tennessee State. North Carolina, who lost twice last week, drops like a stone.

The poll:

1. Connecticut
2. Notre Dame
3. Stanford
4. Louisville
5. Duke
6. South Carolina
7. Baylor
8. Tennessee
9. Penn State
10. Maryland
11. Arizona State
12. Oklahoma State
13. North Carolina
14. North Carolina State
15. Kentucky
16. LSU
17. West Virginia
18. Vanderbilt
19. Texas A&M
20. Gonzaga
21. Middle Tennessee State
22. Nebraska
23. California
24. Michigan State
25. Purdue