Sometimes the news is heavy

College news:

Maryland has filed a $157 million counterclaim against the ACC, who sued them for leaving the conference.

Holy Cross coach Bill Gibbons returned to his job today.

Florida sophomore forward Christin Mercer has been suspended indefinitely after being arrested for armed robbery.

It’s tough to contain Notre Dame’s star trio: Natalie Achonwa, Kayla McBride and Jewell Loyd.

The pace, and three-point shots drive Sacramento State.

Florida is resting after seeing a 10-game winning streak snapped.

Maine is off to their best start in seven years.

San Francisco’s Alicia Scafidi talks about her father’s love.

Tonight’s results:

Memphis upset #23 Rutgers in overtime, 74-73.

Georgia State pulled off the conference upset of Arkansas State, 76-74.

Full scoreboard.


San Antonio has dropped the “Silver” from their name, and will know be known as the San Antonio Stars. They also have a new sponsor and logo.