NCAA says rule changes are bringing more offense

The NCAA says the new rule changes this year have resulted in increased offense:

Through games of Dec. 8, scoring is up 5.68 points per game in Division I, 5.20 in Division II and 5.31 in Division III. The scoring increase is attributable to better shooting from the field, with all three divisions showing an increase of between 1.3 to 1.4 percent.

Teams have needed to adjust to more whistles for illegal contact, with fouls per game up in all three divisions as well. In Division I, there has been an average increase of 2.94 fouls per team, per game. This has led to an increase in free throws attempted (3.30 per team, per game) and made (2.36).

“While forty percent of the scoring increase can be attributed to free throws at this point, the rise in shooting percentages speaks directly to the fact that the ball is going in more often,” Williamson said. “Players moving freely and the ball going in is where we wanted to be at this point. We are on track and must stay the course.”

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