Game two fall out

Angel McCoughtry is mad about the physical play last night:

“The whole pulling me down on the fast break, all that crap, it’s not needed,” McCoughtry said. “I really hurt my elbow when Maya pulled me down on that play. I feel like it wasn’t needed. We don’t play that way. We are going to play hard and we are going to play scrappy, but we aren’t going to pull you down and hurt you. I just felt like I deserve a little more respect than that.”

The Lynx’s Seimone Augustus is ready to write a new ending, in view of last year’s Finals loss.

Janel McCarville and Rebekkah Brunson ruled on defense.

One columnist says Minnesota has affirmed they are the league’s best.

College news:

Regional sites this spring will be: Nebraska, Stanford, Notre Dame and Louisville.

Colorado is eager to build on last season’s success. Coach Linda Lappe is not changing what works.