Exit interviews: the fans

I recently conducted exit interviews with season ticket holders of some WNBA teams. Here is what they said:

Seattle Storm

This season ticket holder is not going to renew in 2014, after nine years. She says that for some reason, it’s not as fun as it used to be to attend games. She didn’t like what she perceived as the attitude that this year’s squad was merely a substitute for when Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird return from injury. She is concerned that the two stars are so much older than the rest of the team. And she said Tanisha Wright never gets the respect and credit that she deserves.

Los Angeles Sparks

The season ticket holder I spoke with says the Sparks need players who are willing to play hard, dive for loose balls and bang. “It’s too finesse, too Hollywood,” she said of Sparks play. She feels the Sparks need more passion, more intensity and less apathy. “They need a pulse,” she said. She questions why Farhiya Abdi and Jenna O’Hea were kept on the team instead of Briana Gilbreath and Alyssia Brewer. She wonders what will happen to Ebony Hoffman, who is getting older.

New York Liberty

In New York fashion, the season ticket holder I spoke with was up front with her views: “Bill needs to get us some players who didn’t play for the Shock, Cappie needs to get her head out of her a$$, Kara needs to go, Essence needs to come back strong, Alex needs to learn how to shoot, Leilani needs to be traded to a team that uses her, and everyone needs to find their cojones.” She will renew her tickets next year.