Sparks win the series with the Lynx after a hard-fought victory

Nneka Ogwumike stepped up for the Sparks last night after Candace Parker was ejected in the third quarter, putting up 22 of her game-high 25 points in the second half to lead her team over the Lynx, 85-84. Los Angeles wins the series over the Lynx, 3-2.

In last night’s other game, the Storm topped the Shock, 76-67.

More on retiring Tina Thompson and Katie Smith:

From Rebecca Lobo.

And Mechelle Voepel.

Thompson stays in character and on task.


Penny Taylor is back in time for the playoffs.

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  1. I had to allow my thoughts to settle before I commented on the Sparks / Lymx game. What a slugfest. For a game that had no bearing on standing, seeding or anything, both teams obviously wanted to make a statement. The overall pace and physicality of the game was exhausting and occasionally scary. No one needs to get hurt before the playoffs begin, so the physical play seemed a little over the top.

    We you have 2 MVP candidates playing in a game it is going to be interesting. Candace was on her way to showing why she should be MVP (14 pts / 10 reb) before she was ejected. And Maya wasn't haven't one her best games.

    Then CP got ejected and things got interesting. I have looked at the play over and over and still don't think the ejection was warranted. The tech was deserved, but the ejection seemed a little quick on the trigger. I remember Dupree arguing a call and walking into the official and not get ejected. So unless CP was MFN-ing Tommy Nunez or talking about his mama, I think he allowed it to become personal and ejected her. Whatever…. It allowed everyone to see what the Sparks are potentially made of.

    I loved seeing Nneka take the team on her back and carry them across the finish line. The kid is an amazing talent and I don't think we have seen all she can be to the Sparks. The Sparks are going to need Kristi, Lindsey and Alana to all step up and be a threat in order to get past the Merc. Their bench is also going to have to ready to step in a contribute. Tho Jenna, Janelle and A'dia always seem ready, I do have concerns about Eb and Abdi. I know they dont get a lot of playing time, but I just hope they are ready positively contribute when their number is called.

    I love the Lynx and love watching them play against the Sparks, as the teams are 2 of the most evenly matched teams in the league. To play them in the Western Conference Finals would be very interesting…. Tho I would love to see Seattle take them down for TT.

    No matter how it plays out, I think it will be interesting.

  2. Nice assessment, G. I know what you mean about having to digest that game. I agree with your take on the ejection – it was BS. I've seen other player, even including Tamika Catchings, do worse this season. I wonder what Nunez has against Parker.

    It seems that some were surprised that Nneka has that fire in her. Obviously they haven't been paying much attention to the Pac 12, because that is nothing new for Ogwumike.

    I think that the Sparks-Lynx is the best match up in the league right now. They are, as you said, very even.