All-Star game could use improvements

There has been talk among fans today that the All-Star game should be moved. ESPN said the same thing.

Last night I suggested either Indianapolis or Minnesota due to their rabid fan bases and central locations. Other options floated today were Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

D.C. is a good candidate, as they’ve had sell-out All-Star games in the past.

LA is not an acceptable option. The Pac-12 Tournament was moved this year from LA because of anemic crowds for the last four seasons. It is not a women’s basketball town. The WNBA shouldn’t even attempt to bother with LA for All-Star festivities.

Pac-12 was moved to Seattle – an amazingly supportive city for women’s basketball. I would suggest them for an All-Star game, but I don’t want to give one city all the goods.

Indianapolis, Minneapolis or D.C. It’s got to be one of those three next year. Not only would there be more fans, there would be more media to cover the events.

After a location is chosen, the All-Star game needs to give players more time to get there. Some teams had Thursday games last week, and athletes had to fly to Connecticut that night for practice the next day. Then the game the day following. What’s up with the rushed scheduling?? Have the last game on a Monday, let players get there Tuesday, and have fan fest and practices Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Speaking of fan fest, there were no activities for fans this year. The one practice each team had, on Friday, was during the work day when no one could come. What is up with that?? How is there expected to be any buzz around the game without fan activities??

Next, there needs to be skills contests. We have some amazing three-point shooters in the league, and several players who can dunk, among other talents. Why weren’t these showcased?

There needs to be some kind of pre-game show on TV, too. My homegirl and I were tuning in a half hour before tipoff expecting to find something on the channel, but all we got was a cooking show.

Let’s get these changes cracking, WNBA. We need to make next year’s All-Star game an epic event.

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