For the Fever, the struggle is real

Tonight’s game:

Tina Charles lead the Sun over the injury-plagued Fever, 73-61. She had 30 points and 10 rebounds.

WNBA news:

Shock….Riquna Williams was cleared to play Monday, so Courtney Paris was waived again.

Sky….Epiphanny Prince’s ankle sprain has healed, so back to Russia she goes.

Dream….Sancho Lyttle will miss six games as she plays for Eurobasket.

Sun….fans haven’t been able to see game broadcasts on TV.

Catching up with Allison Hightower.

Lynx….podcast two.

Mercury….Briana Gilbreath’s journey.

College news:

Oakland University has relieved coach Beckie Francis.

High school:

Joyce Walker returns to coach Garfield High School in Seattle.