Mercury get first season win, over Fever: 82-67

Just before game time in Indianapolis today, it was announced that Phoenix center Brittney Griner would be out for the game with a left knee sprain. It was the debut of the ref cam, but all eyes were on the game. In the end, Diana Taurasi lead the Mercury over the Fever, 82-67, for their first season win.

There were a total of five technicals assessed in the game – three on Phoenix players and two on Fever players. Yes, it was a hotly-contested match up. And understandably, as it was on ABC.

Taurasi said in the post-game interview that she needs to step it up, because she hasn’t been bringing it. Fans on social networks respect her honesty, but many criticized her for the cussing that earned her a technical foul, and continued after the fact.

I asked the question on twitter: does the Mercury play better with or without Griner? Here are the responses. Feel free to make your own comment.

LAL/Sparks Fan Girl ‏@ShortyMamba24 @hoopism Without Griner

Breanna Saunders ‏@bballer223 @hoopism without and that’s just real talk.

WNBA Jones ‏@WNBAJones @hoopism dont think it’s a matter of with or without. The Merc system is custom fit and it either takes time or the player isnt right for it. Right now, too early to tell for Griner. Lets see how they do vs LAS. For Prahalis, might not b with PHX long. Good player though.

natalia foster ‏@fosternat_7895 @hoopism it will take time

MEECY♥ ‏@queenmaraj @hoopism ill give it one more game before i make judgement but like i said since the beginning of the season edd was the perfect fit here

joe perilli ‏@joeperilli1 @hoopism IMHO BG is gonna B even better in the WNBA than she was in HS or College (& she’s gonna ultra KILL in China) Like U said more earlier this week both the Merc and the Shock need to b givin time to team up!!!!

Christie Collins ‏@ccollin13 @hoopism They’re putting a square peg into a round hole. If you have 1 of the best pure centers in the world, you fit your system to her.

texsbill ‏@texs2424 @hoopism play bettr short-term w/o (possibly). but 10-20 games w/ griner shud b among best ever.

Rita Mary ‏@rmjs19 @hoopism if was do or die today. Knee sprain blessing in disguise. Old teammates perfect fit, rhythm, timing.

cboonestyle ‏@boonecattee @hoopism Right now? Better without Griner. Too slow for his system; needs time to adjust.

Robert Phipps ‏@rjp172 @hoopism To many teams injury riddled to know how good each team really is. Hard to use Indiana as a measuring stick right now.