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New details revealed in Kaela Davis’ decision to leave her high school team


BUFORD, Ga. — The midseason departure of one of the nation’s top prep players from her high school team took a new twist when Full Court received copies of a text message reportedly sent by Kaela Davis of Buford High School to her teammates indicating that she left the team due to a dispute with her coach…..

Nearly two weeks later, on Feb. 9, an Atlanta television station first reported that Davis left the team due to health issues, and on Feb. 10, Kaela and her mother, Kendra Davis, told Full Court staff writer Bob Corwin that worsening symptoms of Ménière’s disease were the reason she left the team. Ménière’s disease, a condition that can cause hearing loss and severe vertigo, was reported as the reason for her departure from the team by Full Court, as well as several other media outlets, in reliance on the representations of the Davises.

Last week, however, a Jan. 31 text message from Kaela Davis to her Buford teammates was obtained by Full Court, which suggests that Davis left the team because of a dispute with Buford head coach Gene Durden, not because of her health.

The text message read, in part:

“I had an issue with Durden and we had a meeting and I spoke up about it and after the meeting he made it clear that everything was okay and we were good. The next day he told me I couldn’t play and at this point I just can’t trust him and I’m not comfortable with the situation anymore. With that said, I’m not playing anymore for the rest of the season.“

This confirms what I heard.

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