It’s tournament time

The race for the SEC title is wide open.

The Pac-12 Tournament is deep this year.

The tournament has moved to Seattle, which could be good.

The ACC has contenders, but Duke and Maryland might see a rematch. Anything can happen.

The NCAA has lifted its ban on tournaments in New Jersey.

More college news:

It’s a sweet finish for Georgetown’s Sugar Rodgers.

Gizelle Studevent’s efforts for Penn State are paying dividends on and off the court.

At the SEC Tournament, Vanderbilt’s Tiffany Clarke is returning to where it all began.

For Georgia Tech’s Ty Marshall, it’s winning time.

FGCU’s Sarah Hansen journals. So does teammate Brittany Kennedy.

Lindsey Moore has left a legacy at Nebraska.

North Carolina State Coach Kellie Harper has a recipe for postseason success.

Kiesha Brown is Georgia’s SEC legend for this weekend’s tournament.


The Los Angeles Sparks are renovating their court.

What four Seattle Storm players are doing since retiring from basketball.

Kate Starbird chose a different route, as usual.

Pat Summitt:

The legend signed lots and lots of books yesterday – the day her memoir was released.