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On the way out the door, I hit you with more

I’m getting ready to hit the road to see #6 Cal at #15 UCLA, which should be a great match up.

In the meantime, there is news…….


Old Dominion volunteer assistant coach Sara Jones passed away this morning after a long battle with cancer.

College news:

Louisville is finding success among injuries.

Niagara Coach Kendra Faustin is balancing coaching and pregnancy.

Gonzaga and Seattle University have secured key conference wins.

Times are tough for Rutgers and Coach Vivian Stringer.

Texas Tech players from the 1993 championship team have found success as coaches.

North Dakota State finds solace in basketball.

Beth Mowins and Debbie Antonelli talk to Princeton’s Naveen Rasheed and Florida State Coach Sue Semarau.

Green Bay’s Sarah Eichler has joined the 1,000-point club.

Illinois State’s Candace Sykes’ suspension is in the past.

Miami Hurricane focus: Krystal Saunders.

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