Thibault let go for failure to deliver a championship

The Connecticut Sun acknowledged why they released Mike Thibault as coach earlier today, and it’s even on the WNBA’s website (for once): he failed to produce a championship in ten seasons.

In talking with ESPN, Thibault revealed himself as an evolved individual:

“I was fired because we didn’t win a championship this year,” Thibault said in a phone interview with espnW on Tuesday. “I’ve been in this business long enough to know that this stuff just happens. I think their feeling was, ‘We’ve given him 10 years to do it; let’s give someone else a chance.’ That’s their prerogative……

But Thibault didn’t sound the least bit angry. He was matter of fact, and very complimentary of the Sun’s organization and how the franchise has been operated.

“People here have been great; I have no complaints,” Thibault said. “I’ve been treated well; my family has been, too. I’ve liked working here, and I have no bitterness about this at all. The only thing I can say is I don’t know if what they did will change things.

“It may; it may not. Depends on who they hire, how the players accept the new coach, all those things. The team is poised to continue to improve. It’s still in a very good situation.”