New Ole Miss coaches fired

New Ole Miss coach Adrian Wiggins and two of his staff members have been fired:

Former Fresno State women’s basketball coach Adrian Wiggins, who was named Ole Miss women’s basketball coach in March, has been fired as the team’s coach, the university said Saturday.

The University of Mississippi said Wiggins was placed on administrative leave and would no longer serve as head coach “while an investigation continues over impermissible recruiting contacts and academic misconduct committed by members of his staff.”

A statement from the university added that “there is no current evidence that Coach Wiggins was complicit in or had direct knowledge of this misconduct, (but) as head coach, he is accountable for the actions of those who report to him.”

According to the university, assistant coach Kenya Landers and director of basketball operations Michael Landers were fired. Wiggins hired the Landers couple six months ago shortly after he joined Ole Miss as its head women’s basketball coach.


In addition, student-athletes Kay Caples, a transfer from Trinity Valley Community College, and Brandy Broome, a transfer from Pensacola State College, are ineligible to compete at the University after failing to meet NCAA transfer eligibility standards

Official Ole Miss announcement.