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College season is upon us

Practices can start Monday, and that’s exactly what some teams are doing. That’s what an Olympic year will do to a fan: run the WNBA right into the college season.


A new California law will mandate financial protections for student athletes who suffer career-ending injuries at the state’s top schools.

Lindsay Wisdom-Hylton is retiring from the WNBA to be a full-time assistant coach at Purdue.

Tennessee Coach Holly Warlick believes all 11 of her Lady Vols can help.

The Texas Longhorns will erect a bronze Jody Conradt statue inside their basketball arena.

New Illinois Coach Matt Bollant is building a support system.

Florida Gulf Coast is ready to work, as they have their first practice Monday.

VCU is facing a rocky road due to the departure of key players.

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