Trudi Lacey needs to go

For all the head-scratching I did yesterday when Marynell Meadors was fired as Dream coach and general manager, I did an equal amount of wondering why Washington Mystics Coach Trudi Lacey still has a job.

If anyone should be let go, it’s Lacey.

In her first season as coach last year, the Mystics were 6-28. Tonight the team notched its 20th loss, for a 5-20 record. The players looked as downtrodden and demoralized as ever, and ran the same old offenses. Their unhappiness is palpable, both on and off the court. Lacey is ineffective during game time, and seems to make no adjustments.

Other coaches, like Mystics assistant coach Jennifer Gillom last year with the Sparks, have been fired in less time with far more wins.

Lacey’s resume is dotted with short stints at numerous colleges, including Queens University in North Carolina, the University of Maryland, the University of South Florida, Francis Marion College, Manhattan College and James Madison University. The 53-year-old has never stayed anywhere for very long.

Lacey was the head coach of the defunct Charlotte Sting from 2003 until August 2005, when she was fired. The team had started the year 3-22. Her overall record in Charlotte was 37-56.

As much as Meadors was a proven winner, Lacey is a proven loser. What’s more, she doesn’t seem to make sound personnel decisions.

For example, Ashley Walker and LaSondra Barrett were reportedly two of the best players in Mystics training camp last spring, but they were cut from the final team lineup. Could their young legs have helped an aging roster? Yes.

I don’t know why Mystics management won’t do the obvious and give Lacey the boot and hire a real coach. But they need to do something soon. They owe it to the few loyal fans they have left – not to mention their players.