Has the WNBA finally settled on a marketing strategy?

An amazing amount of interesting information and thought-provoking concepts in this piece about selling the female athlete. But here’s the key for me, under the second stanza, “NBA and WNBA: One sport, two worlds”:

The WNBA wants to use its affordability as a selling point — the league markets the players as accessible and the games as family fun. Going forward, the WNBA will hone in on three key groups, Shaev says: African-Americans, lesbians, and youth.


“Of course,” she adds, “there’s something to be said for reaching that mainstream American sports fan who knows everything about sports and [wants] to know every stat. We want them all to be our fans.”

But the WNBA might not get the growth it needs, Shaev admits, if it focuses on 18-34 year-old male sports addicts. Networks like ESPN have those fans on lock.

Hey, that’s what I’ve been saying!

If they’re serious, I say, hallelujayer! Gotta have a plan.