The day between games

USA vs. Australia preview.

The Aussies have a tall order to fill.

Liz Cambage is a key to Australia’s upset hopes.

The US women deserve more hype.

And, the US women are the real dream team. (No doubt about it)

What the Hell Department:

I don’t know if this is Geno Auriemma’s idea of a joke, but I sure hope so:

Auriemma mentioned the lack of news media coverage and dismissed the notion just as quickly. His answer devolved from there. His team, Auriemma said, contained “no feminists.” They were not “running around” and “burning bras” and “trying to make the world believe in them.” Auriemma then said he would burn his own bra because it no longer fit.

Very weird.

Seimone Augustus:

In a preview of a longer interview, Minnesota Lynx star guard Seimone Augustus discusses coming out and her upcoming wedding.


The Lynx are spicing up their downtime.

U17 team:

Our U17 team left the country this morning for Italy, where they’ll play the first of a few exhibition games before the World Championships later this month.