Time for a time out

It’s the NCAA dead period, and all is quiet……..

But before that, there was the epic Battle in the ‘Boro.

In a few days, club ball action will resume. Next week Cal Sparks Gold hosts the Michael T. White Tournament at Mater Dei. Brackets will be released Wednesday, and of course I’ll be there.

Pat Summitt:

Check out this awesome piece on the legendary coach by none other than Alysa Auriemma – Geno’s daughter:

Let me just clear this up right away. Pat Summitt is a titan of women’s basketball. She practically IS women’s basketball.

I know. I’m the daughter of Geno Auriemma. I’ve met Barack Obama twice. I’ve been in the Hall of Fame to watch my father inducted alongside Charles Barkley and Dominique Wilkins. Tennessee is the grits and gravy-soaked Evil Empire and we’re the cool Yankee rivals with good posture and Katharine Hepburn houses on our coastline. I should be stoned for even suggesting a compliment towards Pat Summitt.

I would be the worlds’ most ungrateful, insipid, spoiled, solipsistic idiot if I didn’t recognize the importance of this woman in the women’s rights movement and the game of basketball as a whole. Women’s basketball as an institution would be NOTHING without that woman, and I don’t think hyperboles exist in this situation.

Everything my father has done in the world of womens’ basketball, Pat Summitt did it first. It’s like that episode of South Park “Simpsons Already Did It”. Pat Summitt is The Simpsons in this corollary. (Sentences I never thought I’d say.) She got a 39-0 season before UConn did, she got a Championship 3Peat before UConn did, she got the best recruits before UConn did. And she did it with grace and a sense of dignity that you cannot argue. I won’t try to argue it. I am General Disarray, to keep up the South Park comparison. Pat Summitt Already Did It.

Pat Summitt has a gold medal, and more championship trophies, and 1,000+ wins. Whether you like it or not, she is the number one reason my father was even able to do half of what he’s done. And if I can give her those kinds of props, you can too. She is the standard to which we should all aspire for in terms of grit, clout, proficiency, success, and determination. And she did it without dropping nearly as many f-bombs as my Dad does. So…she’s probably a little classier, but Southern people just tend to sound classier than Philadelphia people do in general. I think it’s the accent.

That’s some nice, grown-woman stuff right there.