Ebony Hoffman will play this week, if need be, coach says

Sparks Coach Carol Ross said tonight that she would play forward Ebony Hoffman in the team’s last two games this week before the Olympic break, if need be. The eight-year veteran will make the road trip with the squad.

Hoffman sustained a severe ankle sprain in the June 8 game against Phoenix. She began warming up with the Sparks again for the first time last week, but hasn’t yet played.

“She’s got her uniform on under that warm up, but she’s still slightly gimpy,” Ross said. “She will play in these next two games if we need her.”

Hoffman revealed that the sprain was so bad that one of her foot tendons was pulled off the bone. Considering that, she said, she feels like she’s coming along quickly with her daily rehabilitation.

This is the first time in her career that she’s had an injury that kept her out of action for this long, and it’s been making her stir crazy, she said.

“Too much idle time,” Hoffman said with a laugh.

The Sparks travel to Phoenix on Tuesday and Indiana Thursday before taking a month-long game break.