Ogwumike, Prince are POWs

WNBA players and rankings:

Hey, look at the super rookie…..the Sparks’ Nnemkadi Ogwumike and the Sky’s Epiphanny Prince are Western and Eastern Conference players of the week, respectively.

This week’s power rankings show some changes, as the top five are now Minnesota, Chicago, Connecticut, Los Angeles and Indiana.

Chasity Melvin is the first WNBA player to participate in Sportscaster U.


The Big East has filed a $5 million lawsuit against Big 12-bound TCU.

Club and high school ball:

Why wasn’t this done before?? AAU will check backgrounds of all coaches and volunteers.

Big brawl yesterday at a Brooklyn high school hoops league.

Robin Roberts:

….is now battling a rare blood disorder.

She vows to fight.