Sparks and Habitat for Humanity remodel a home

Today the Los Angeles Sparks converged on an LA-area home to help remodel it as part of Habitat for Humanity. They had a good time doing it, too, as you can see in these great pictures, by myself, the Sparks and rookie April Sykes.

In my rookie interviews piece Thursday, Nnemkadi Ogwumike said she and Sykes “were best friends” as rookies. I see what it’s all about now….they’ve bonded together against their veteran teammates, who give them a bad time at all times.

During the group photo, Delisha Milton-Jones and Sykes were bantering a bit. DMJ finally said, with her pretty smile, “I can’t stand this rookie.”

Ogwumike still wears a Stanford-red headband, and Sykes wears her Rutgers backpack. As the team was loading up in vehicles to go home, an SUV-full of vets pulled up to the rookies, who were standing close together on the home’s front yard. They began calling Ogwumike by her full name, and Nneka put a shirt on her head. Then both Ogwumike and Sykes began walking down the sidewalk the other way. I passed them on the way to my car and urged them not to let the vets bother them. Sykes then had the quote of the day:

“Yeah, they old! We’re the future.”

I don’t need to hear anymore jokes for the rest of the week – I’m good.

These photos are also part of my website photo gallery.