Pro off-night items


Power rankings this week still have the undefeated Lynx at number one, followed by the Sparks, Fever, Sky and Sun in the top five.

Eastern and Western Conference players of the week are the Sky’s Epiphanny Prince and the Mercury’s DeWanna Bonner, respectively.

The Lynx are making franchise history with every win.

The Mystics seek a turnaround this season. I hope like hell they can get one; I’m tired of them losing.

Title IX:

The WNBA will recognize the 40th anniversary of the groundbreaking legislation this summer with special events, and special uniforms.

Many women who grew up in the new Title IX era now have sports-related businesses.


None other than Wendy Larry is the Atlentic-10’s new associate commissioner.

Amy Williams is South Dakota’s new coach.

Juco player of the year Ska’Kayla Caples is following her former Trinity Valley coaches to Ole Miss, where she has signed.


Anny Meyers Drysdale was a ceiling-smashing roundball legend.