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Confetti is still on the floor here at Pepsi Center

The night crew is starting to clean up this arena as we sit here clacking away. And of course, I’m thinking.

1. Brittney Griner is going to change the game, but not just because of her dominating play. She’s also going to change the way some people view female basketball players.

The 21-year-old has been the target of numerous slams on social mediums – questioning her size, her voice, her strength, her sex – just insulting. There are two stories just today, which I linked in my earlier post, that talk about how Griner takes all the jabs in stride. Baylor Coach Kim Mulkey was also quoted today as saying it bothers her, because “this is someone’s child.”


But Griner continues to do her thing, and her school, her teammates and her fans continue to support and love her. The way she plays can’t be ignored. So like it or not, the ignoramuses will have to live with her for a long time. And I have a feeling eventually more and more of them will shut the hell up.

2. I’m struck by how the best and greatest teams always have so much love for one another. Notre Dame was very emotional in the locker room tonight….wait til you read what they told me on, which will be posted momentarily. There is also a lot of love on the Baylor squad. For example, when Griner got up from the press table, she put her hands on Mulkey’s shoulders for a moment before leaving.

Those small moments are the ones that touch me the most when I’m conducting interviews. I always watch for the small stuff; some don’t see it. But it’s everything.

3. On a related note, I can see why some players and coaches dislike the media; some ask amazingly inept questions.

More musings later, as these last five days shake out. It’s a lot to process.

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