Tha mawnin news

Yesterday the Final Four coaches spoke on the upcoming games, and they had a lot to say. My favorites:

Geno Auriemma on Kim Mulkey:

A lot of people might not agree with what she does, how she does it, but her passion is undeniable. Her support of her team and her love of her players is unquestionable. Men, women, anybody should look at that and say I wish I had that much passion and that much caring for my job because it’s just fun to watch. It really is. I can see why the players play the way they do for her.

She bitches over every single call. I like that. Even the call that’s go in her favor, she bitches that the whistle wasn’t blown fast enough. I love that. To me she reminds me of Jen Rizzotti and Shea Ralph, guys that played a few years ago and had that chip on their shoulder and they were tough and just wouldn’t back down. I just think she brings a toughness to the profession. Her players, I think, are reflective of that.

Stanford’s Tara VanDerveer

On playing in high altitude
You know, I think it was very helpful for our team to have played Colorado this year. Now, to play them at altitude, we played Utah and Colorado, and I was really pleasantly surprised that it was not an issue for our team. And you know I think that we will try to do the usual things of making sure we’re hydrated and getting plenty of rest.

And that’s where maybe playing a deeper team, having a deeper rotation, will be helpful. And we’re healthy right now, so we’re excited about that. But I don’t see it being an issue.

Let’s play ball!

McDonald’s All-American game:

East beat West last night, 79-78. I didn’t like the way it ended – I disagree that a foul should have been called. It was a great game until that point.

Photo gallery.

Coaching issues:

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