Contemplating the Division I bracket


I’m not one to bemoan the exclusion of various teams, nor wonder why so-and-so wasn’t selected. I like to look at intriguing match ups.

Kingston Regional

#5 LSU vs. #12 San Diego State

It should be a fast-paced game, featuring two teams who like to run the ball. LaSondra Barrett is recovered from the March 4 SEC championship game, where she suffered a concussion. SDSU’s Courtney Clements averaged 17.4 points per game this season.

#6 Rutgers vs. #11 Gonzaga

Though there is a difference in seeds, this game could go either way. Rutgers has stumbled a bit lately, while Gonzaga has improved.

Fresno Regional

#8 West Virginia vs. #9 Texas

Really? A #9 seed for the Longhorns? That was generous. The upsetters of WVU should take care of them.

Des Moines Regional

#7 DePaul vs. #10 BYU

Should be a fun game to watch. Both teams are resilient as heck and dig in for the fight.

#1 Baylor vs. #16 Santa Barbara

Poor Gauchos.

#8 Ohio State vs. #9 Florida

OOO. I won’t even make a prediction.

#6 Nebraska vs. #11 Kansas

This is one of those games where you wonder how two teams get to play one another.

Raleigh Regional

#5 St. Bonaventure vs. #12 Florida Gulf Coast

This game may be closer than the seeding would indicate, as FGCU is no joke.

#7 Louisville vs. #10 Michigan State

This could easily be an upset.

#8 Cal vs. #9 Iowa

This game should be a dogfight to the end.