Oregon’s Amanda Johnson “very, very smart”

I love this story: Oregon senior Amanda Johnson has maintained a near-perfect GPA while leading the Ducks in points all season long. Best part:

“She’s got something about her that’s very unique and different,” Westhead says. “She’s driven. She’s talented. But there’s even more.” For example, for the 2011-12 basketball media guide, each Duck was asked to list something under the heading MOST PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN THAT I …

Laura Stanulis, a junior guard, confesses she has “a small case of OCD.” Senior guard Jasmin Holliday “snores only on Wednesdays.” Sophomore guard Ariel Thomas loves “to read.” For her part, Johnson is “currently exploring Buddhist philosophy.”

Uh … what?

“I’m fascinated by the way different people approach life,” she says. “It tells you a lot about the world.”


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Everyone wants to knock Stanford off its perch. (An understatement!)