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Checking in on the Pac-12

Oregon State won the battle of the Civil War with Oregon, taking the win yesterday, 67-60.

UCLA was a double winner, beating Utah Thursday and using an overtime today to overcome Colorado.

USC lost to both mountain schools, which means they have three consecutive losses. Trojan forward Briana Gilbreath was injured in Thursdays game and didn’t play yesterday, missing the first game of her career. Her knee will be evaluated tomorrow.

Here are the current standings:

Team Conference Overall

Stanford 9-0 18-1
Arizona St. 6-3 15-5
California 6-3 15-6
USC 5-4 10-9
UCLA 5-4 10-10
Colorado 4-5 15-5
Oregon St. 4-5 13-7
Washington St. 4-5 10-11
Washington 3-6 11-8
Oregon 3-6 11-10
Utah 3-6 10-10
Arizona 2-7 13-8

I’m taking votes: who is this year’s most improved player?

Rebekah Gardner of UCLA?

Regina Rogers of Washington?

Amanda Johnson of Oregon?

Gennifer Brandon of Cal?

Someone else?

Express yourself.

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