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Jacki Gemelos: left ACL is torn

USC guard Jacki Gemelos did indeed tear her left ACL in Sunday’s game against Texas A&M, the Trojans announced two hours ago.

Gemelos is going through a range of emotions, as she faces the end of her college career. But she said today she will rehabilitate from her fifth ACL reconstructive surgery and play again.

The Northern California native told ESPN Los Angeles she knew immediately what had happened:

Although the diagnosis was just confirmed Tuesday, she said she knew immediately that her season, and college career, was over.

“I knew right when I came down,” she said. “The tears, the screaming, the slamming the floor, that wasn’t because it hurt.

“I’m so mad. I’ve never been more mad at an injury than this one. This time around I’m more mad than I am sad, which is saying a lot.

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