They’re Playing Basketball Pac-12 pre-season poll

This week my staff – Daniel Uribe and IM in OC – and myself sat down to compile our votes on how the Pac-12 will finish this season. We were unanimous on the finish of four schools: Stanford, USC, Cal and OSU. On the rest, we disagreed, so we scored our votes. The results are below:

1. Stanford
2. USC
3. Cal
4. Utah
5. Oregon
6. Washington
7. Washington State
8. Arizona
10. ASU
11. Colorado
12. OSU

This is an interesting time in the former Pac-10 Conference. This year there are three brand-new coaches: Lindsay Gottlieb at Cal, Cori Close at UCLA and Kevin McGuff at Washington. Joseph Anders is taking the reins for a year at ASU. Scott Rueck and Anthony Levrets are each in their second years at OSU and Utah, respectively. Paul Westhead and Michael Cooper are each in their third years at Oregon and USC, respectively. Niya Butts is going into year four at Arizona. Two new schools have been added to the conference to make it 12.

It seems like the west coast’s biggest conference is poised to grow. Let’s hope so.