No suspects in Tayshana Murphy killing, but police now say she was targeted

I can’t get this story out of my mind.

The latest, posted just a short time ago, indicates investigators now think Tayshana Murphy was targeted in the shooting and that her death wasn’t a case of mistaken identity after all.

Until now, New York Channel 1 and the Wall Street Journal have reported that there are no suspects, despite much police questioning, in the Sunday morning shooting.

The young athlete is remembered by friends and family, and the irony that she was turning things around for herself is bitter.

The various accounts of the incident are well-known at this point.

Had she lived, Tayshana might have gone to Miami for college.

An interview with Tayshana’s father, and a description of her murder as “cruelty.”

The irony of the first quote in this story is eclipsed only by the account of the obstacles she overcame.