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Big ticket stuff

This is rich: NBA players may have to play overseas this year to collect a paycheck. The Chicago Tribune says they could take lessons from WNBA athletes.

New WNBA President Laurel Richie finds herself in awe of the league’s athletes:

I think a lot about how to really shine the light on the women of the league. There is no question that they are athletes who are at the top of their game. Anyone who’s seen a game knows that is beyond question. What the people don’t know is the full story of these women. Almost every woman in our league has graduated from college. We have lawyers, children’s book authors and many of our women are mothers as well. They live these incredibly well rounded lives; especially as women who are at the pinnacle of their athletic performance. I hope to enlist the media’s help to tell the stories about the amazing women of the WNBA. I think that once you get to know the players and what they do on and off the court, it just makes the league that much more interesting.

Clay Kallam draws interesting parallels between Kara Braxton and Jacki Gemelos in “two shakes of the head.”

Louisville, on their current road trip through Oregon, stopped at point guard Shoni Schimmel’s reservation.

Aw, jeez: Helen Darling is retiring.

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