Matee Ajavon scored 29 points

Right now, all the Mystics-Sparks games stories available on Google (mostly the Associated Press piece) list Matee Ajavon as scoring 27 points in tonight’s Mystics victory over the Sparks. I saw one link that listed a “correction,” but apparently they’d been talking about the biggest WNBA comeback angle. They fixed that, but didn’t fix Ajavon’s point total.

The Mystics point guard went to the free throw line four times in the overtime period. Each time I sat poised to record her shots (she was eight for eight) and add them to her points. I remember writing down point number 29. And I’m looking at the box score in the game book the Sparks staff gave to the media afterwards. It says she had 29 points too.

So I hope the Associated Press and other outlets gets this fixed by the morning. Do they make these types of mistakes in NBA games? I’m going to finish my own game story now. But it was a heck of a night. I don’t think anyone expected that outcome.