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Say No League re-commences Saturday

The Los Angeles version of the Say No Classic began play June 25-26 at the Roberts Boys and Girls Club, 1339 East 120th Street, Los Angeles. They took last weekend off for the holiday, but are back for the rest of the month, and into August, this Saturday and Sunday.

The league directors sent me a schedule a couple weeks ago, which I could not open. I have tried diligently to get another schedule in a form I could read and thus post here, but I have not received that.

So here’s what’s up: games are played every hour on the hour, beginning at 9 a.m. both days. The high school division plays Saturdays only, and the women’s division plays both Saturday and Sunday. Games usually last until 5 or 6, depending upon cancellations or rescheduled games.

If you know a player on a team and go to see their game, obviously that’s easy. But if you’re showing up to check out the play, then take a shot and see what you get. Hopefully some kind of schedule will be posted in the wall in the gym for the day, and for upcoming weeks.

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