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ESPN revises the class of 2011 college rankings

New list and 16-30:

1. Tennessee
2. Connecticut
3. Rutgers
4. Duke
5. California
6. Stanford
7. Louisville
8. USC
9. Texas A&M
10. LSU
11. Texas
12. Iowa
13. Kentucky
14. Northwestern
15. Oklahoma
16. Minnesota
17. North Carolina
18. Pittsburgh
19. San Diego State
20. UCLA
21. Georgia Tech
22. West Virginia
23. DePaul
24. Notre Dame
25. Ohio State
26. Georgetown
27. Kansas
28. North Carolina State
29. Nebraska
30. Clemson

Cal is in the spotlight on the first list:

Last year’s Cal class was all about adding perimeter players and scoring, so the logical encore to the No. 12 signing class is to add frontcourt and point guard talent.

The Golden Bears were able to accomplish this despite Joanne Boyle leaving for Virginia, assistant Jennifer Hoover taking the head job at High Point, and assistant Kevin Morrison going north to Washington. The new staff, lead by Lindsay Gottlieb, the new head coach, and Charmin Smith, the lone holdover from the previous staff, is off to a terrific start with the addition of the No. 7 prospect, Justine Hartman, who was released by UCLA after its coaching change.

Erika Johnson, a 6-foot-1 forward who is emerging as a wing prospect, and Reshanda Gray, an athletic forward who is a monster on the glass and terrific in transition, provide the frontcourt depth the team will need to continue to contend for tournament bids in a top-heavy conference.

The team has plenty of athleticism on the perimeter, but point guard prospect Brittany Boyd is all types of explosive at the position. Her first step and leaping ability will force defenses to give help and will allow shooters like Mikayla Lyles and Lindsay Sherbert to get open looks.

Full list of 60.

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