WNBA tonight

Katie Douglas and Jessica Davenport lead Indiana over Phoenix, 91-86. But Fever point guard Briann January injured her knee, and will have an MRI tomorrow. Jeeeeezzzzzz……..

San Antonio beat Chicago 84-74, and they’re 7-1 now.

Tina Charles had an incredible 22 points and 23 board to lead Connecticut over ailing Los Angeles, 79-76.

Why isn’t Kristi Toliver starting for the Sparks? Just wondering.

A few teams have been cutting and cutting away, like the Storm’s release of Ify Ibekwe and Tulsa letting go of Jacinta Moore.

Bonus: ESPN series surveys coaches as to how early is too early to offer a scholarship? Anything under 17 is too young. And recruits shouldn’t be required to report to college until the second summer session, at the earliest.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Tina Charles play last night and wished she (or a similar type) was wearing a Sparks uniform.

    I truly don't think that the Sparks coaching staff are using the right players, in order to get bang for their buck. Tolliver should be starting over Quinn (and as a Bruin fan I love Noe). Quinn has been less productive so far this season and Tolliver has been playing amazingly.

    It seems problematic that the Sparks cannot get a road win. They played consistent at home and on the road, they just seem a mess. I know that losing Candace is a problem, but they are still a very talented bunch, who should be pulling it together.

    I am starting to wonder if there is a coaching issue. I love Jen, but does she have the right stuff to make this a championship team? If so they are gonna have to win on the road….. So far that isn't happening.