ESPN coaches survey: recruiting and sexual orientation

Hats off to ESPN writers for tackling the subject of how a recruit’s sexual orientation might effect recruiting:

When ESPN HoopGurlz asked more than 20 college head and assistant coaches or recruiting coordinators whether a prospect’s sexual orientation should be a factor in her recruitment, all were adamant that it should not be. Yet, when the discussions progressed, it turned out that sexual orientation, in some situations, could have an impact.

“It does matter,” said the head coach referenced above. “I’m being honest.”

Another said, “It’s an unavoidable question.”


Still, many coaches insisted the topic almost always comes up in recruiting, usually raised by a prospect or, even more often, by a prospect’s parents.

And, in such cases, the issue can cut both ways. Some parents are concerned their daughters might be “flipped,” as one coach put it, by a gay teammate or coach. On the other hand, heterosexual coaching staffs believe they’ve often lost openly gay recruits. “I think they just don’t feel we can relate enough,” one coach said.

Deep talk.