What college coaches want

ESPN has taken to surveying college coaches about what they’re looking for in recruits, on the verge of the July viewing period. There’s a lot of interesting statements in what they say is their first installment of this series. Such as:

….This generation right now likes to be told what to do. … Four to five years ago there were more kids who understood that accountability piece. It was more about looking for talent because kids were much more disciplined. Technology and media attention have changed kids tremendously. Kids aren’t as invested to work in the gym every day. They need to Facebook, and Twitter, and check out what all the media outlets are saying about them. It didn’t used to be like that. Kids want instant gratification. And so do their parents. There seems to be no long-term investment into working hard, being accountable and letting natural progression happen.”

What’s keeping me from taking the comments completely seriously, however, is that the coaches interviewed insisted on being anonymous. ESPN explains that ….”because they are barred from commenting on players until they sign National Letters of Intent and much of what they do is highly proprietary.”

The coaches are talking in such generalities that I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to be identified. If anything, it would be a great public statement to recruits who are interested in their schools.