Too Tall in the news again

ESPN’s done a video story on Reshanda “Too Tall” Gray of Washington Prep High School in Los Angeles. Good stuff…..I remember when they were filming this, following her around with a camera.

If you know how much palpable anger, hopelessness and despair lies in certain areas of South Central Los Angeles, you understand why Gray’s achievement is so significant. There aren’t many like her – much less, achieving kids who are so dang nice.

I don’t want you to think all Seattle folks are so naive as Glenn Nelson, however. I taught high school for several years in a neighborhood near Prep, where the crime rate is even worse, and nothing like the incident he describes ever happened to me. That’s because I lock everything up with kryptonite and don’t turn my back for a nanosecond. I’d recommend people do that wherever they are – even Beverly Hills.