Nikki Caldwell to LSU

I got the word about 2:30 Pacific time today from one of my best sources that Nikki Caldwell had accepted the Virginia job. Looking at my twitter feed, I wasn’t the only one who heard this, as info began to leak about 5 p.m. PDT. But no, it’s Louisiana State University that’s stealing the brilliant coach away. The story burst about 50 minutes ago.

Though they don’t yet say what her salary will be in Tigerville, you would assume it’s going to be much more than it was at UCLA. It’s been said that the Bruins “have a long history of underpaying coaches.” Don’t know if that’s true, but the whole thing is sad. The air is filled with “coulda been”s, as in what she could have done with the program if she’d kept going.

Caldwell didn’t return my voicemail this afternoon, but I still have one more question: will there still be a team banquet in nine days?

I’m also accepting nominations for a new college team to follow. I might take pro nominations too.