Different angles on the NCAA tournament

The Final Four won’t be what most predicted, but it will still be riveting.

Well, actually 3,751 people did predict the four teams that made it.

The four teams are very different.

ESPNW has five storylines to watch out for this coming weekend.

UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell breaks down Stanford’s strategies and how they can beat Texas A&M.

I knew it: attendance for the tourmanent is up 65 percent so far.

From last year’s FF: Xavier’s Dee Dee Jernigan laments her missed layups in last year’s Elite Eight loss to Stanford. (Ouch!)

Update at 9:48 p.m.: the Cardinal – not UConn – are ESPN unanimous picks for a win Sunday.


Dawn Staley confirms she’s not going for the Virginia job.

Former Maine Coach Cindy Blodgett has hired a lawyer.

Look at the LA Sparks team list so far. So Betty Lennox hasn’t decided if she’s coming back yet, huh?