March Madness: game on!

Ladies and gentlemen, the BRACKET.

The number one seeds played out the way most expected: Tennessee, UConn, Baylor and Stanford.

Several thoughts come to my mind……

1. Stanford and Xavier in the same bracket again? Really?

2. Baylor and Texas A&M in the same bracket? Really?

3. Why are UCLA and Stanford in the same bracket?

4. I’m glad Middle Tennessee State was picked.

5. I don’t know why Arizona State was chosen.

6. I don’t agree with the Texas selection.

7. #10 Marist has a WAY better record than their opponent, #7 Iowa State. Interesting seedings.

8. I don’t know which will be the most intriguing first-round matchup: Fresno State vs. North Carolina, Texas Tech vs. St. John’s, or Rutgers vs. Louisiana Tech (the being interesting by virtue of the fact that both teams are back in the tournament again after several years).

ESPNW thinks the top seeds should dominate the tournament.

Two out of three of ESPN’s main writers feel the same way.

I had formulated my list of questions before I read this: four from ESPN further break it down here, which is interesting. They all agree with me on Texas and Arizona State. They agree with each other on “biggest surprise.”

Wish Saturday would get here a lil faster.