UCLA gives Stanford a run for their money in Pac-10 tournament

Here is my story, complete with slideshow.

ESPN also correctly surmises that UCLA is a contender, but not quite yet a champion.

And I’m glad they put up this video from the post-game press conference, where Coach Nikki Caldwell talks affectionately about Doreena Campbell and Darxia Morris. They in turn talk about life working for their coach. It was touching.

I was leaving Staples Center as the men’s game was about to begin, and Chiney Ogwumike was just in front of me with some other Stanfordites. They were headed across the street, presumably to get food. She had on her “Pac-10 Champions” hat, and the net was hanging around her neck. Ogwumike was talking excitedly to her friends, and as they walked down the sidewalk in the opposite direction, hardly any hoop fans seemed to notice she was wearing a net. She and Toni Kokenis don’t play like freshmen.

Stanford is looking very good right now. If anyone is going to be able to dethrone UConn, it’s them.

I’ve got to give props to UCLA – they’re the real deal, Holyfield. Doreena Campbell said it in the interview above: Caldwell has them believing they can do anything. That’s what separates the good coaches from the great ones, is the ability to motivate as well as teach.

Fun day.