Nike TOC day 2 results

Check out page two.

No surprises yet…..Mater Dei, Brea Olinda and Long Beach Poly are all still standing, for one thing.

And speaking of that, Brea twittered just a short while ago that point guard Alexis Perry, who was featured on the ESPN website screaming in pain after a game injury Saturday, played tonight:

A lot of credit needs to be given to Lexi Perry for bravely playing a great game two days after having a completely dislocated shoulder.

She barely came of the court the whole game and lead her team past a feisty St. Mary’s who pressured the ball full-court the entire 32 mins.

And not one school wants this kid? I’d take her.

Southern California’s Windward barely beat defending state champs Carondelet, 42-41, and they did so without top recruit Imani Stafford. The 6-foot-7 junior was at the Women of Troy Basketball Classic at USC this weekend. She told me she’s been injured.