Geno Auriemma gets personal

UConn Coach Geno Auriemma took shots at one of his players, and at Tennessee Coach Pat Summitt, in a post-game press conference tonight.

Here’s the Stefanie Dolson insult:

“I just thought Samarie’s been working at a real high level in practice,’’ he said. “I thought defensively she’d be a little better able to help us because most of their big guys are perimeter guys or want to play on the perimeter. So I thought Samarie would be better defensively to do that. And Stefanie played (15) minutes against Howard. So we don’t want to wear her out. Those two rebounds took a lot out of her. So we want to save her for the stretch run here. She came to practice today and she was really beaten up, and I didn’t realize the toll it was taking so I wanted to give her a rest.’’

Here’s the Summitt insult:

Auriemma certainly saved his best jab for last. This one was aimed directly at Summitt. Earlier this season, she again accused Auriemma of cheating in recruiting.
And after the Lady Vols defeated Louisville 63-50 in the season opener on the road Nov. 12 Summitt said she would not mind again playing Louisville in the future because Cardinals coach Jeff Walz does things the right way.
Fast-forwarding to tonight at Gampel Pavilion, LSU coach Van Chancellor said he would like to again open a series with UConn. Auriemma was asked about a potential series with the Lady Tigers and ran with it.

“We’re not playing any SEC schools this year except them,’’ Auriemma said. “So, yeah, I could see us getting that series back with Van. He does things the right way. So I wouldn’t be opposed to playing Van going forward.’’

Pat and Geno have smack-talked each other before, so that’s nothing new. But should Auriemma take shots at one of his own players? Was what he said taking it too far? Should such conversations be reserved for the locker room, or should players be put on blast? Was sarcasm appropriate in this case?

I’m wondering what you think.