Morning digest

After a rough start to her tenure as head coach, Cynthia Cooper-Dyke’s University of North Carolina-Wilmington Seahawks are 3-0 so far after their win last night over High Point. Coop is interviewed after the game.

C. Vivian Stringer’s and Patricia Cage-Bibbs’ teams faced off last night.

Pac-10 alert: Oregon State has only lost one game, and Arizona is 4-0. A quiet revolution? Yes.

Graham Hays ranks the mid-majors, and Xavier is on top.

And this story about the resilience of Green Bay’s Celeste Hoewisch shows why Hays is one of my favorite ESPN writers. The lead alone is worth an award:

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Few players seem less fluent in the language of failure than Celeste Hoewisch, whose very basketball existence suggests that sheer stubborn will to succeed comes in packages as distinct from the norm as Brittney Griner’s size or Kayla Pedersen’s versatility.